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Dial 2-1-1 to reach 2-1-1 Ventura County
TTY users please use 805.919.1148
Out of County callers, please dial: 1.800.339.9597
2-1-1 Ventura County is funded in part by
2-1-1 Ventura County is a member of
First 5 Ventura County California Alliance of Information & Referral Services  

Alliance of Information & Referral Services  

2-1-1 Ventura County

only a phone call away – 24 hours a day*

Call Specialists PhotoInterface provides the only
24-hour county-wide comprehensive information and referral service which is maintained in a continuous update mode and covers
issues ranging from child care, senior services, affordable housing to crisis intervention.Services support TDD and 800# access with call-patch capability.

Trained bilingual staff along with Language Bank connections ensure language
appropriate services.

The Blue Book
A comprehensive resource directory of over 1,000 health and human service programs in Ventura County; the central repository responsible for maintaining accurate up-to-date agency data.
Local health and human service provider information is organized for easy access at a website dedicated to providing self-help information and referral at www.211ventura.org.

Resources are updated regularly.



Need Help Now?
Dial 2-1-1

The California Public Utilities Commission has set aside the
3-digit prefix “2-1-1” for theexclusive use of local health and human service information and referral programs to allow quick and easy access to trained resource specialists.No more confusing numbers, no more playing phone tag and musical chairs to gain access to vital services.

While Interface’s “Helpline” has been providing information and referral services for over 25 years, the ability to connect via ” 2-1-1″ improves access to services dramatically.

Thank you to
Ventura County United Way
First 5 Ventura County
and the Community Commission for Ventura County
for leading the way as partners with Interface to bring 2-1-1 to Ventura County
* Some cell phone users may need to dial 800-339-9597

Additional Link Resources below:



AlertNet from Reuters
The Reuter Foundation is acting as a specialist news supplier and neutral information broker to the international disaster relief community, via the Internet. The AlertNet website is a non-commercial service offering both Reuters news and a forum for voluntary organizations to exchange information in order to help improve the speed and effectiveness of emergency relief operations. The home pages, including Reuters latest disaster-related news, are open to the public. The rest of the website is restricted to members of the relief community for the exchange of information which may be confidential.
Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS)
The goal of
Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) is to improve access to services for all people through the mechanism of information and referral. AIRS meets this goal through its publications, international training conferences, and I&R clearinghouse. This organization offers a professional umbrella for all I&R providers in both public and private organizations.

American Red Cross of Ventura County
Each year, the
American Red Cross of Ventura County responds to between fifty and seventy tragic local disasters. From Westlake Village, to Piru, to the Ojai Valley, and everywhere in between, dedicated members of the Red Cross team provide vital relief twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We meet the needs of those impacted by major incidents such as the floods and mudslide of January 2005, but we’re also there for the family in Oxnard who loses their home to a residential fire. We provide safe housing, food, clothing, prescription medications, and more. All of our disaster relief services are free of charge, and are made possible through generous contributions of time and money from those who live and work right here in Ventura County.

Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams (AVERT)
AVERT‘s site is dedicated to the support of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and their mission to do the most good for the most people in times of disaster.

Center for International Disaster Information
Center for International Disaster Information provides critical information services to other information and the general public about international disasters and about those organizations responding.

Citizen Corps
Citizen Corps, a vital component of USA Freedom Corps, was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer from the threats of crime, terrorism, and disasters of all kinds. Citizen Corps is coordinated nationally by the Department of Homeland Security. In this capacity, DHS works closely with other federal entities, state and local governments, first responders and emergency managers, the volunteer community, and the White House Office of the USA Freedom Corps.

Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF)
Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization which provides immediate support to professional craftspeople facing career threatening emergencies such as fire, theft, illness and natural disaster.

Department of Defense Emergency Preparedness Policy
EPP is responsible for DoD polices and requirements associated with emergency preparedness, national emergencies, and civil defense.

DERA International
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association International (DERA) was founded in 1962 to assist communities worldwide in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and to serve as a professional association linking professionals, volunteers and organizations active in all phases of emergency preparedness and management.

Disaster Finder
Disaster Finder is a service developed and maintained by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, located in Greenbelt, Maryland. You can search for information based on keyword or concept.

Disaster News Network
Disaster News Network (DNN) is a news service that tells the story of disaster response and suggests appropriate ways the public can help survivors. It also facilitates information sharing among disaster responders.

Disaster Resource Guide
Disaster Resource Guide contains interesting articles and other resources, including one on Building Public/Private Partnerships in Emergency Management by FEMA Director James Lee Witt.

Empire State College
Empire State College is one of seven colleges authorized by the National Fire Academy to provide their Fire Service Courses at a Distance, offering a Bachelor of Science degree program in Fire Administration or Fire Protection. Courses are WEB based, interactive multi media or written communications format.

FEMA Law Associates, PLLC
FEMA Law Associates, PLLC, is a law office that provides legal and regulatory services to the emergency management community. The FEMA Law Associates’ web site provides links to a wide variety of legal and regulatory research materials found on public websites, as well as answers, drafted by FEMA Law Associates staff, on common questions asked about programs of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and related emergency preparedness, response, and recovery laws, programs, and regulations. FEMA Law Associates provides independent advice to its clients – including local governments, public authorities, non-profit institutions, and their contractors affected by FEMA decisions-and is not affiliated with any government agency.

FEMA Mitigation Page
FEMA Mitigation is the cornerstone of emergency management. It’s the ongoing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on people and property. Mitigation involves keeping homes away from flood plains, engineering bridges to withstand earthquakes, creating and enforcing effective building codes to protect property from hurricanes — and more. This is what FEMA has to say about it.

Federal Emergency Management Agency is an independent agency reporting to the President and tasked with responding to, planning for, recovering from and mitigating against disaster.

FEMA: Emergency Management Institute
EMI provides a nationwide training program of resident and non-resident courses to enhance U.S. emergency management practices.

FEMA: Kids Page
FEMA helps people who have been in a disaster. They also teach people what to do during a disaster and what to do before a disaster. Here’s a page that let’s kids have some fun while learning how they to help their family prepare for a disaster.

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)
The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting the goals of saving lives and protecting property during emergencies and disasters.

ICES Disaster Resources
From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
The Disaster Resources Web Site provides access to information on disaster preparedness and recovery for the State of Illinois and the Internet community. Information for educators, professionals, and the general public is available from the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service for viewing and downloading, along with links to information from a variety of state and federal agencies, educational institutions, relief organizations, and information networks. Site also includes a set of resources for teachers and other child-care or youth workers that helps prepare them for working with children who have been through a disaster.

Institute for Business and Home Safety
IBHS‘s goal is to reduce deaths, injuries, property damage, economic losses and human suffering caused by natural disasters.

InterAction: The American Council for Voluntary International Action is the nation’s largest coalition of international development, international disaster relief and refugee assistance agencies. InterAction’s members include more than 150 US-based non-profit organizations, large and small, including secular and religious groups. Member organizations all share the same basic goals of easing human suffering and strengthening people’s ability to help themselves. InterAction coordinates and promotes these activities and helps to ensure that goals are met in an ethical and cost-efficient manner.

Internet Disaster Information Network
The Internet Disaster Information Network is a site by the Arizona Daily Star provides information on current disasters as well as an archive section.

National Disaster Communication Response Team
The mission of the
National Disaster Communication Response Team is to provide technical assistance, equipment and manpower to those organizations and agencies which will be active in performing missions of humanitarian aid during time of disaster. Further, to foster a spirit of cooperation between those organizations and agencies who may be called upon to provide assistance in disaster planning, preparedness, mitigation, response, relief and/or recovery. These efforts are accomplished through the gathering of manpower – individuals who are technically proficient in a form of electronic communications; the caching of communications equipment useful in disaster and emergency operations; the creation of pre-planned communication structures; and encouraging networking between those organizations and individuals who feel a need to help their ‘fellow-man’ during an emergency.

National Hazards Center at the University of Colorado
The prime goal of the
National Hazards Center at the University of Colorado is to increase communication among hazard/disaster researchers and those individuals, agencies, and organizations that are actively working to reduce disaster damage and suffering.

NEMA is the professional association of state, pacific and Caribbean insular state emergency management directors.

North American Mission Board
North American Mission Board provides contextualized resources and opportunities to assist Southern Baptist churches with involving their members in North American missions.

SBA Disaster Home Page
Small Business Administration Disaster Home Page provides information about assistance for businesses struck by disaster.

State Emergency Management Agencies
A FEMA-maintained list of all
State Emergency Management Agencies.

University of Delaware Disaster Research Center
Although disasters through the ages have attracted attention and discussion, the systematic study of disasters began after World War II,
Disaster Research Center, the first of its kind in the world, was founded in 1963 at Ohio State University and moved to the University of Delaware in 1985. It has carried out more than 530 field studies, focusing on how people, organizations and society react and respond to catastrophes.

Voluntary Organizations in Cooperation in Emergencies
VOICE is an acronym for Voluntary Organizations in Cooperation in Emergencies. VOICE is a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout Europe who are active in the field of humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid includes emergency aid, rehabilitation, disaster preparedness and conflict prevention. VOICE was created in 1992, with a Secretariat established in 1993. VOICE currently has about 65 members. The overall purpose of VOICE is to foster links between these NGOs and to facilitate their contact with the European Union.

Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA)
VITA works with the Agency for International Development (AID) Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to provide an information and response service to the public at the time of an international disaster. VITA also works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the voluntary agency community, including NVOAD, in a similar capacity for domestic situations.

World Wide Disaster Relief
World Wide Disaster Relief is a nonprofit organization composed of volunteers who have been trained to search for and rescue people of the nations hit with a disaster, aid in recovery from the destruction, and assist them getting back on their feet.









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