Looking for work with criminal record?

The secret to getting a job with a challenging history ( examples: criminal record, Misdeameanor, Felony, Fired on Job, Job gaps, no work history etc.) is to have a concrete action plan that will lead to getting hired.  To get a job, applicants must be able to quickly tell a potential employer what skills they have and how those skills can benefit him.  They must then identify employers that can use skills that they have.

They must also appear to be friendly and personable.

Getting a job is all about the numbers.  The more job leads they find, the more interviews they’ll get.  The task at hand is to get as many quality job leads as possible.

Make a list of skills, develop a professional appearance and practice interviewing skills will prepare you for opportunities that open up.  Work hard to find as many job leads as possible.  It’s not going to be easy but hard work and determiniation will put you on the right track.

Getting a job isn’t an exact science but maximizing your odds by being prepard will put in the best position to get hired.

Good Luck!



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