” T” Cover Letters

T-Style Cover Letter Format
By: Rachel Mork
If you aren’t comfortable writing eloquent persuasive prose, you may gravitate toward the T-style cover letter format. Many people seeking cover letter advice complain that they don’t know how to describe their skills in a few paragraphs when they may be better at just listing out their abilities. The T-style cover letter caters to the strengths of list-makers who may not be great writers.
T-style cover letters are created using a two-column method showcasing how your specific qualifications match up with the job requirements listed for a position. For this reason, this is format is also called the job match format, since it matches up your strengths with the job requirements.
To write a T-style cover letter, use the format you usually use for listing your name, address, contact information and greeting. Then write a simple sentence stating you are interested in a particular position. Follow this with two evenly spaced columns, titled with something like the following:

You Require
My Qualifications
In the “You Require” column, list the job requirements as specified in the job listing and according to your understanding of the position advertised. In the “My Qualifications” column, list your corresponding skills.
You will need to write everything in short, concise statements. Keep the phrases brief and easy to read. This cover letter format is not suitable for those who are verbose and feel the need to expound on qualifications, but is suited best for those who feel most comfortable identifying the specific job requirements and the corresponding qualifications. There is no place for lengthy descriptions in this kind of a cover letter, but remember: You have the resume to attach, and your resume will provide all the details necessary. The whole purpose of a cover letter is to catch the screener’s attention, and this format is effective at succinctly defining your match with the job advertised.


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