Company Research


Want to stand out from the job search competition when responding to job ads? Find the best employer for YOU in the Hidden Job Market? The more you know, the better you will look to the employer!

There are thousands of useful sites on the Web for investigating industries and companies. Use the sites described here as “jumping off” points as you pursue your target industry or employer. Remember to be specific and to focus on one industry and one position title.

Industry Research
Company Research
“Best” Companies
What’s happening? Who’s on top? What’s this company really like? What makes a company “the best” to work for?
Industry Reports
Northern California
Southern California
Telephone Directories on the Web
Resources for Specific IndustriesAssociation Sources
Associations in Your Target AreaGovernment Reports
Business News
Northern California
Southern CaliforniaCompany Information
Public Companies
Private Companies
National Rankings
Northern California
Southern California


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