Comparing the recession of 2009 to the recession of  the 1990’s, recruiters are becoming less available. Alot of Executive recruiters now are turning into Life Coaches.  Regarding employers and their companies, HR people still use recruiters on their staff  or outplacement recruiting service.

Questions always pops up, should someone pay for a recruiter to fine them a job?  With all the available resources out their, answer is generally no.   Unless, your in a  high level executive position, and need someone to represent you as an agent. Similar to an Actor.(Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club).

More Internet Recruiting sites are asking for fees upfront to post your resumes on line.   Stay away from those sites.  10 years ago some of the top recruiting firms were  charging close to $1,200.oo month.   All they did was package the individual and gave training. They provided no job leads…

Some people do well with recruiters finding them their next position. Some do not.  Key is, if you find a recruiter you truly like,  build a trusting relationship. If the recruiter takes no interest in you, move on! Don’t just hand out your resume to the recruiter. Interview them first.  If they don’t mesh with your personality, drop them.

During this recession alot of recruiters focus on the quick fix method. They fill what job postings they receive from their current employer contacts.   Such as Accounting, Administration, Secretarial  positions. So if your in the field of Sales and they have no postings for you, they will not contact you.

In otherwords, don’t put all your eggs in one basket waiting to hear back from a recruiter. The ball is in your court, you have to take charge of your career direction.   Its just one source.  But, on the other hand, don’t waste the recruiters time either, they are busy trying to make a living in a very competitive environment. (Dan Breakman/

Recruiter : Criterion Resources, Inc.  Michelle Arevalo Recruiting Manager. 21900 Burbank Blvd.., 3rd Floor, Woodland Hills, Ca. 91367.  Office 818-992-3173. or 

Criterion Resources was founded by Michelle Arevalo in 2004. With an increasing number of candidates and companies specifically requesting to work with her, Michelle started Criterion Resources to provide clients with a unique personalized approach to recruitment and higher quality service.

Michelle attended Loyola Marymount University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and a Minor in Business Administration. She was employed as an Internal Corporate Recruiter and worked with third-party staffing agencies and permanent placement firms. Since 1995, her professional experience in recruitment and new client development in various industries have guaranteed successful placements in Sales, Administration/Clerical, Accounting and Finance, Project Management and Human Resources.

Michelle’s strong interpersonal skills have also been applied to her community service endeavors. She has served as a Volunteer Recruitment Chair for The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture. While working in the mortgage industry, she served as the Team Development Coordinator for Community Service Development.

Her professional affiliations include PIHRA (Professionals in Human Resources Association) and the Loyola Marymount University Alumni Association. Michelle regularly coordinates educational workshops for job searching, professional development, interviewing skills and candidate marketability.

Michelle received a 2009 San Fernando Valley Business Journal nomination as one of the Top HR Professionals in the San Fernando Valley.

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