Negative People..

Subject: : Negativity Kills- Companies and Jobs Seekers

Negativity Kills Companies and Jobs Seekers

Started by Christopher F. Seibel, Operations Management

Being a seeker, I have run across too many people that thrive on negativity They
like to state all the negative employment facts being stated in the media.
Though the facts are true, these are the same people who you would also run
across during your career in business and have a negative effect on the company.
They are the ones that are always saying, “that isn’t going to work” or “this
place isn’t going to make it”.

Being aware of facts, whether positive or negative is a good thing, but letting
the negative facts consume you is only going to bring you down and stop your
motivation. The real reaction should be, what do I need to do to change this
trend so the odds are in my favor.

As far as negativity in companies, all I can say is, if you are not part of the
solution to correct the trend, then you are part of the problem. That being the
case, you are correct in thinking as mentioned earlier, “this place isn’t going
to make it”.

You have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and be a
positive influence within the organization. Take it, or you will end up being
one of today’s negative statistics in this growing trend.

As far as the job seekers, yes, more and more jobs are being eliminated, but it
only takes 1 call from 1 company to pull you out of that statistic. The more you
let negativity around you influence your actions, the bigger chance you are
giving these facts stated by the media a chance to grow even larger.

No company wants to hire more negativity into their company. Networking is a big
part of finding your next opportunity. Make sure you surround yourself with
positive thinking people, and you will also come across as a positive person.

Hope this motivates you,
Christopher Seibel
By Christopher F. Seibel, Operations Management


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