Praises be to The Most High!

Mission Accomplished!
From: “Edward A. Isaacs”

Attention: People Between Jobs Ministry
Stewart Townson/Founder/Volunteer
Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator/Volunteer
Jose Avelado/Lead Coordinator/Volunteer

Re: Starting New Job!

Hi Guys:

It’s been a while since we last spoke but I wanted to share some good news. I have just accepted an offer from The Crayola Co. in Easton PA as a Staff Quality Assurance Engineer – International. My start date is Nov 29 so I will be moving soon to the East Coast.

I praise the Lord for having met and known you guys and I am eternally grateful for all the help and encouragement that you gave so willingly. I’m not sure when the next meeting is but I would certainly love to come by and say “farewell” not “goodbye” to the group and offer my good wishes and blessings towards their success. FEELS GREAT!

One Love


Edward A. Isaacs

Message to: People Between Jobs Ministry
Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator/Volunteer
Stewart Townson/Founder/Volunteer
Jose Avelado/Lead Coordinator/Volunteer

Hi Dan, Stewart and Jose
Subject: People Between Jobs Ministry
Landed a New Job/BAC

I just landed a Job with Bank of America. I starts Monday working in the Call Center.
Thank You for People Between Jobs Club/Ministry. It has been a real support during the job transition for tips, advice, networking, job leads.


Syndi Palasco
Member of People Between Jobs Ministry

Dan, Stewart, Jose

Thank you for People Between Jobs Ministry
I secured a job with a Jewish Non-profit organization in the San Fernando Valley.
Thank you again for the Ministry,
it has been a great support for people in job transition.

Nancy Rodgers,
Nancy Kopcho /

A JOB our Coordinator has landed!

*Warm Welcome and lets give Martha Enriquez Volunteer/Coordinator at People Between Jobs Ministry, a handshake and a prayer for landing her New Position, and helping others in Job transition …

* If anyone would like to become a Volunteer at People Between Jobs Ministry email Dan Breakman Events Coordinator at or Jose Avelado Senior Lead Coordinator/Volunteer at

Thank you all, and Warm Blessings to all those Job Seekers who landed a JOB…

 from Stewart Townson/Founder, Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator and Jose Avelado/Lead Coordinator @

To: Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator/Web facilitator/People Between Jobs Club
From: Jose Avelado/Senior Lead Coordinator/People Between Jobs Club
Martha Enriquez (Volunteer/Coordinator/People Between Jobs Ministry) landed a job,
at Medtronics, Chatsworth, Ca., Customer Support in the Customer Service Department.
Jose Avelado/Volunteer/Senior Lead Coordinator
People Between Jobs Ministry
 Great News our Coordinator for People Between Jobs Ministry, Martha Enriquez has “Landed a Job” in customer service at Medtronics, Chatsworth, California.
Dan Breakman
Events Coordinator
People Between Jobs Ministry

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