Hidden jobs

Hidden jobs… SECRET JOB POSTINGS , may be Networking, friends, word of mouth, cold calling..

but have you tried www.theshepherd.thejobconnection.org  ???

Article by Dan Breakman  People Between Jobs Ministry/Events Coordinator/Volunteer


answer …  www.theshepherd.thejobconnection.org 

Attend People Between Jobs Ministry which meets monthly at Shepherd of the Hills,19700 Rinaldi St.,Porter Ranch,Ca. 91326. Room #203  Monday 7pm, Check “Events “for dates

now we have an additional tool :   www.TheShepherd.TheJobConnection.org  funded by Shepherd of the Hills connecting to employers in the community. listing hidden job postings.. Free to register

  and you will find hidden job postings, how to find unposted jobs, and how to network in a Gorilla market of unemployed individuals…   Remember in this economy average time a person is out of work now is 18 months…

 So don’t personalize it… the secret : Help others find jobs and a door will open for youdo it with PASSION…  Let Faith & God be your guide and watch all the opportunities come your way…

When you Volunteer its a job and it fills gaps on your resume and your working. Your just not getting paid for it… Put it up there on your Resume as a Job not as a Volunteer… Explain in the Interview……… Remember get as much information about job postings for others and share.. and in turn others will share with you… when you attend events you can say ” I represent a Job Transition Club called People Between Jobs Club.

  When at a job fair, on the telephone, or cold calling in front of a employer: You say, I am here to assist filling all your staffing needs of your organization for absolutely FREE… we have close to 200 members in the People Between Jobs Club with all diversified backgrounds… 

 Watch you will have doors open up to you, like you wouldn’t believe… when its not about you, and about others.. people want to help. … you will get business cards.. personal HR phone numbers.. but do it with passion…….. and see how much fun and a good time you will have and feel…….

and of course give a plug for People Between Jobs Ministry – a non-profit/free service open to anyone…..in job transition, laid-off, fired, quit, criminal background, whatever… anyone is welcome… or just need  a place to go for support, counsel, tips, advice, networking, resources, food, shelter etc…..    Free Service… details below:

www.peoplebetweenjobs.wordpress.com or search our new organic site (Free to JobSeekers & Employers) connecting to employers in the community.  www.TheShepherd.TheJobConnection.org



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