Ways of Reducing Expenses and Money Saving Tips    (Finances)

1st) Is it a Need or Want?

Need – is a necessity for life.  You need food to eat, a roof over your head, utilities, day to day living items and descent clothing for interviews.

Want – provides for things beyond the basics.  You want restaurant meals, designer clothes, a new car.

Short Term Bargains – The Monday Daily News Valley Inc. Section has a bargain hunter column to save you money. (www.insidesocal.com/bargain) written by Julia Scott. Limited time or 1 day events on bargains.

Food & Groceries – Eat at home more. You can feed more people for the same amount of money.  Check the grocery store and drug store flyers for 3 week’s discounted items.  Sunday LA Times has all kinds of coupons.  Use store card like Ralphs Club card, Vons or Albertsons club card for discounts on the shelf.

Buy items that you often use in BULK! Costo, Sam’s Club

Use Coupons for your shopping needs. Jons markets, Food 4 less, 99 cents store. Order water with meal instead of a drink. Order off the senior menu if you qualify.  (I Hop Restaurant age is 55 yrs old for Seniors.Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club).

Utilities- Turn off your lights and utilities when your not using them.  Lower your thermostat in the winter. Use a sweater or blankets.  Rebates are available with utility companies such as Gas, Electric Company.  find out if qualify with DWP for low income. Proof and documentation required.

Medical Costs: shop medicines and prescriptions at Walmart, Target, even Costco. Ask your doctor for samples. Low income families can apply for free maintenance drugs through drug manufacturer’s assistance programs.  CaliforniaRxCard provides discounts at all major pharmacies.

Go to low cost and free clinics or hospitals– Olive View Hospital, Simi Valley. Bring book, long wait.  Mid-Valley Care, Van Nuys, Ca. 818-947-4000. Pacoima 818-896-1903, San Fernando -818-837-6969. El Proyecto del Barrio, Arleta 818-830-7033. Mission City Network, North Hills 818-895-3100. NorthEast Valley Health Corp 818-365-8086 Valley Community Clinic 818-763-8836 The Wallis Annenberg Children & Family Health Center (free clinic) 5205 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, Ca. Venice Family Clinic http://www.venicefamilyclinic.org or 310-392-8636

Medical Procedures – Being done outside the country and can save you Big Money. Singapore and India are two countries preform surgeries by U.S. doctors. Travel and hotel arrangements can be made. (Do your home work, Board Certified Surgeon, Research facility before you go. Get recommendations).

Clothing– You need good suit  or outfit for interview . Season sales, Thrift Stores, GoodWill Stores, Ross, Marshalls, Target, K-mart, Walmart.  Burlington Coat factory, Nordstroms Rack, Marshall’s, Steinmart.  Shoes at Walmart, Target, Costco, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Famous Footwear, Payless Shoe, Thrift stores. Salvation Army stores. Outlet Mall in Camarillo- Premium Outlet. Swapmeets.

Grooming – Barber colleges for haircuts. West Valley Ocupational Center available to public Tues-Friday 818-346-3540, Hair care ext 251/252 skin care ext 285.nailcare ext 332 voicemail.  Work preformed by students and supervised by instructors.  Also Senior days Tuesday and Wednesday with more discounts like half price.  North Valley Occupation Center 818-365-9645.   Marinello Schools of  Beauty, Reseda 818-881-2521.   Newberry School of Beauty 818-366-3211.  Paul Mitchell the School in the Sherman Oaks Galleria 800-761-8006.

Transportation – Seniors 62+, MTA, Blue Line, Metro Link. Carpool. West Valley Occupational Center has students preform auto repair and body shop. Open to public 818-346-3540 ext 287.  Firestone Service Centers… go on line http://www.firestone.com get coupons bring to service centers. Free tire rotations, oil service with $10.00 off with coupon cost can drop to $16. Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club).

Miscellaneous– Auto Club, AARP, Garage Sales.

Free legal advice($30) San Fernando Valley Bar Association (Attorney Referral Service)http://www.sfvba.org

Is There A Cost To Be Referred To An Attorney?
You pay an administrative fee of $30 to be referred to an attorney for a free half-hour consultation; however, there is NO consultation fee for personal injury, workers’ compensation, business incorporation, social security, social security disability and criminal matters. How Do I Pay The Consultation Fee?
You can pay the $30 fee by credit card or by check prior to obtaining the referral. What Fees Does The Attorney Charge?
The first half-hour consultation with the attorney is free. If you hire the attorney, you and the attorney agree on the fees to be charged. What If I Can Not Afford An Attorney?
Persons of modest means who have a legal problem in certain areas of law may request a referral to a reduced fee attorney. In the case of a reduced fee referral request, there is a modest initial consultation fee.

Persons who cannot afford a lawyer on a reduced fee may contact a legal aid office or public agency. For information on other legal services, visit the CONSUMER INFORMATION page on this website.

 The San Fernando Valley Bar Association. (which includes Eastern Ventura County) 818-227-0490 ext 104 for an appointment.http://www.sfvba.org/. Also have Attorney Referral Service (818)340-4LAW (4529) referrals@sfvba.org What Is The Attorney Referral Service?

The Attorney Referral Service (ARS) is a public service program of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) and Eastern Ventura County, serving the Community since 1926. The ARS is certified by the State Bar of California (#0006) in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and meets American Bar Association (ABA) standards for lawyer referral services. How Do I Contact The Attorney Referral Service?
Call (818) 340-4LAW (4529) or e-mail referrals@sfvba.org.

Why Should I Use The Attorney Referral Service?
ARS attorneys average 25 years of experience and must meet experience qualifications (varies depending on area of law); must be in good standing with the State Bar; and are required to carry professional liability insurance. According to our ongoing surveys, 97% of clients are satisfied with our service.

How Do I Request A Referral To An Attorney?
To be referred to an attorney, you can complete the Online Referral Form or call (818) 340-4LAW (4520) to speak to an ARS Referral Consultant. The ARS’ office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday.

Where Are ARS Attorneys Located?
The ARS can refer you to attorneys with offices in the greater San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley and Eastern Ventura County.

What If I Need A Referral To An Attorney Outside Of Los Angeles Or Ventura Counties?
Visit the American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory of state and local bar associations. Look for the “ABA Approved” logo!

What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?
If you need help determining what type of lawyer you need go to the Areas of Law page, to help you out.

Why Should I Consult With An Attorney?
If you are facing a legal issue it is always best to act immediately and consult with an attorney before you take actions on your own. There are usually different strategies for your specific legal problem that attorneys can suggest to you. An experienced and compatible attorney will ease the stress and anxiety you naturally feel by informing you, supporting you, and working with you to resolve your legal matter. Do I Contact The Attorney To Schedule A Consultation?
The ARS Referral Consultant will schedule an appointment with the attorney at a mutually-convenient date and time.

How Do I Prepare For The Initial Consultation?
To get the most benefit out of your half-hour consultation with the attorney, be organized ? bring copies of documents and information pertaining to your case, be prepared to clearly explain the nature of your case, and write down important questions you have of the attorney before the meeting date.

Use the initial consultation to make a decision about establishing an attorney-client relationship. You are considering hiring the attorney, and the attorney is evaluating you as a potential client. The attorney will consider many aspects, including your ability and willingness to listen to their advice. Plan to go to the first consultation with an open mind and take the time to think about the options, process and legal fees.

Does The ARS Have A Program For Senior Citizens?
The Attorney Referral Service sponsors a legal services program for senior citizens 60 years of age and older. Volunteer attorneys staff the Program at different senior citizen centers throughout the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. Visit the SENIOR CITIZENS LEGAL SERVICES PROGRAM page on this website or call (818) 227-0490, ext. 100 to our Program Consultant.

Can The Attorney Referral Service Help Me Hire A Mediator?
The San Fernando Valley Bar Association has an online Mediator Directory to help attorneys, their clients and the general public find qualified mediators. To find a mediator, visit our MEDIATOR DIRECTORY on this website.

Can The Attorney Referral Service Help Me Resolve A Fee Dispute With My Attorney?
The San Fernando Valley Bar Association has a Fee Arbitration Program to resolve fee disputes between attorneys and clients. For forms and information, visit the MANDATORY FEE ARBITRATION PROGRAM page on this website.

Does The Attorney Referral Service Have A Speaker Bureau?
The Attorney Referral Service offers a free Speaker Bureau to businesses, civic organizations, service clubs, professional organizations and schools. Volunteer attorneys make presentations about areas of law, the justice system and the courts. To request a speaker, complete the Speaker Request Form on this website.


* Last, give it over to God.. Pray about it, he will provide… (Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club)


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