Source(s): Yahoo Article 

I am a convicted felon as well. That is how I got a great job! Take my advice

  • You are thinking about it the WRONG way. You need to find people who don’t utilize the necessary background checks so you can get a fair chance in the world.Call temporary staffing/personnel staffing companies and pretend to be an employer seeking temporary labor. Then, “interview” each local staffing company and request info on “how they screen potential employees for work.”Some agencies will say – “Well, we go back 5 years into an applicant’s background.”Some will say – “We go back 30 years or to their date of birth.”Some will say – “We don’t perform background checks, only drug tests.”Some say – “We ask them for their background history but don’t
    research it.”After you have called about 20 staffing companies, you know where you can go and apply!

    I did this and got a great full time job within the first 3 weeks. After two years on the job I was promoted to a manager. Now, I earn a GREAT living and NO ONE needs to know about my felony which occurred LONG AGO.

    There you go! Make it happen! It’s not that hard!!!!


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