Criminal History

Criminal History?

Do you have a Felony or Misdeameanor…?

Attend …

“New Contributors” Workshop


The Second Chance Workshops

The Ex-Offenders Guide

 to re-entering the work force.

8:30am-12:00 Noon  Friday’s 

 limited seating RSVP 1st!

Register by phone …. Call First !!!  818-596-4448

 with  Peter Matich  Rescare/WorkSource Representative    or

 Deborah Young  EDD Program Representative

Canoga Park Worksource/EDD Center

21010 Vanowen Street

Canoga Park, CA 91303

* Next Event*

Call for Exact Dates  818.596-4448

 8:30- Noon  Seating is limited

Workshop doors close at 12:05 – late arrivals will not be seated

Are you a job seeker with a misdemeanor or felony?

You need to know:

How to disclose your background to the employer


The barriers that are keeping you from getting a job


The programs and resources that are available


A list of companies and agencies that will perhaps hire you




Workshop offered by:




TEL. (323) 539 -2000


Mon, Wed & Fri 8am-5pm/Tue & Thu 8am-7pm /1st & 3rd

Sat 9am-1pm


Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. For more information, call (323) 539-2000.


The TTY/TTD phonenumber is (323) 539-2057


Please contact our staff 72 hours in advance. – Equal Opportunity Employer/Program


Goodwill SouthernCalifornia provides, upon request, reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services and activities.





Available only at the Metro North Workshop…


Obtain the FREE booklet…

* State of California EDD has now received funding across the board for Ex-0ffenders.
Each EDD location is putting together Ex-0ffender Workshops.
Example EDD/WorkSource 21010 Vanowen St., Canoga Park, Ca. has Employment Program Representatives Deborah Young/Sandra Magallanes handling the Ex-0ffender programs for their facility.
You can get referred to them by Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator (People Between Jobs Club/Ministry) & Former (New Start Program Ex-Offender Coordinator/County of Ventura).
 More info contact :  Deborah Young Ex-Offender Coordinator WorkSource/Edd Canoga park 818.596.4448 


Posted 9-13-10 

Improve Your Chances of Being Hired.. The Work Opportunity “Tax Credit (WOTC) can help you get a job!”

Vets,Ex-Offenders (Felon’s), TANF  on special Programs,(Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

If you are in one of the “target groups” an employer who hires you can receive a federal tax credit of up to $9,000. This tax credit may give the employer the incentive to hire you for the job.

These are the target groups of job seekers who can qualify an employer for the WOTC:

  1. Qualified recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  2. Qualified veterans receiving Food Stamps or qualified veterans with a service connected disability who:
    • Have a hiring date which is not more than one year after having been discharged or released from active duty OR
    • Have aggregate periods of unemployment during the one year period ending on the hiring date that equal or exceed six months.
  3. Ex-felons hired no later than one year after conviction or release from prison.
  4. Designated Community Resident – an individual who has attained ages 18 but not 40 on the hiring date who reside in an Empowerment Zone, Renewal Community, or Rural Renewal County.
  5. Vocational rehabilitation referrals, including Ticket Holders with an individual work plan developed and implemented by an Employment Network.
  6. Qualified summer youth ages 16 through 17 who reside in an Empowerment Zone, Enterprise Community, or Renewal Community.
  7. Qualified Food Stamp recipients ages 18 but not 40 on the hiring date.
  8. Qualified recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  9. Long-term family assistance recipients.

If you are in one of these groups, let the employer know that you are a member of a WOTC qualifying group. You and the employer must complete the necessary forms on or before the day you are offered work, so you should let the employer know when you first apply or when you are being interviewed.

You can get more information and register for job referrals at EDD Workforce Services locations.


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