Background checks/Ex-Offenders

Posted Oct 25th, 2011

Background checks/Ex-Offenders

Good communications between the applicant and an understanding on your part of the responsibilities the employers have in the hiring process can aid you in getting past the specter of the background check.

It is in your interest to keep in mind that not all jobs are going to be open to you, but you can open many doors by being aware of what the employer is looking for and what they are trying to protect themselves from.

Even if an employer conducts  a background check that does not mean that they do not hire ex-offenders.

Don’t loose out on potential jobs by assuming a background check is a closed door for all ex-offenders.

Depending on the type of crime, the time that has accrued since the crime and your employment history since the crime,many employers will open doors to ex-offenders.

Most employers are willing to hire ex-offenders depending on the nature of the felony and the time that has elapsed since the crime occurred.

The employer is not singling you out for a non-hire he or she is just trying to protect there business from potential law suites.

By presenting yourself in the most positive way (good marketing) you stand a great chance of finding employment.  Even people who do not have a criminal background face rejection on many levels when seeking work.

Persistence and a good organized job search do a lot to prevent these problems.

Steve Temple GCDF


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