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Start A BusinessCourse Topics

    Session 1: Evaluating the Potential of Business
Session 2: The Business Plan
Session 3: Communication Tools
Session 4: Business Organization
Session 5: Licenses, Permits, Names (New!)
Session 6:
Business Insurance
Session 7: Location and Leasing
Session 8:  Accounting and Cash Flow
Session 9:  How to Finance Your Business
Session 10: E-Commerce Business
Session 11: Buying a Business
Session 12: Opening and Marketing
Session 13: Expanding and Problems
Session 14: International Trade
Session 15: Managing Employees
Session 16: Home Based Businesses


   Evaluating the Potential of Business | The Business Plan | Communication Tools | Business Organization | Licenses, Permits, Names | Business Insurance
Location and Leasing | Accounting and Cash Flow | How to Finance Your Business | E-Commerce Business | Buying a Business | Opening and Marketing
Expanding and Problems | International Trade | Managing Employees | Home Based Businesses
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