Work History

Get Your Work History!  Write to the EDD Benefits Service Group. 

 Get your quarterly earnings & company names.

Work History information on your history.


 (Records beyond 1993 will be charged for it)

Would you Like to Know Your Quarterly Earnings/Company Names? 

 Some of this material– Not dates of employment/wages or employers’ addresses — is available through your

” California Employment Development Department” (EDD).

Please send a letter to EDD Benefits Service Group and allow 5 to 10 Working days for your printout to be processed and mailed.  The letter must include YOUR FULL NAME and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

PLEASE WRITE TO:  EDD Benefits Service Group

                                          Records Management, Sub Unit Mic-7

                                          P.O. Box 2588

                                         Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-2588

Get your quarterly earning & company names.

Write to the EDD Benefits Service Group and GET YOUR WORK HISTORY today!

(You can go to your local Social Security Administration office and obtain your WORK HISTORY, but you will be charged for it!)


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