Gov’t sites

Government web sites:

* Federal, State, City, County  job postingsget updated weekly on their web sites.  Some are updated  Fridays like City of La. Some are updated Mondays like City of Santa Monica, Ca.  Alot of the web sites now require you to fill out employment applications on line.

Los Angeles County still accepts mail in applications.   Please note, be clear, precise, and honest, when filling applications on line.  They will verify, check, call and if hired go out and talk personally with your prior employers. Integrity is a big issue with these agencies…. – State of California Personnel Board default.asp – City of Palmdale city of lancaster, ca. city of Beverly Hills, Ca city of Simi Valley, Ca. City of Burbank,Ca. County of Ventura, Ca. City of Oxnard, Ca. City of Thousand Oaks, Ca. U.S. Federal Government Offical web site-jobs State of California Official web site- jobs – City of Beverly Hills, Ca. County of San Bernardino, Ca. County of Riverside, Ca. City of Santa Clarita, Ca. City of Alhambra, Ca. City of Torrance, Ca. City of El Segundo, Ca. City of Irvine, Ca. City of Long Beach, Ca. City of Chino, Ca. City of Rosemead, Ca. City of Lawndale, Ca. City of Hermosa Beach, Ca. City of Camarillo, Ca. City of Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. – City of Santa Clarita – Worldwide listing of all Federal jobs  also -Complete list of open IRS Job Announcements – IRS Careers  – Los Angeles World Airports job web site        Information for Veterans   State of California Jobs Web site (Required Post Name & Resume to receive Unemployment Benefits) State web site information site for Unemployment, Jobs, Training  Los Angeles County Web site for employment     Jobs with County of Orange, Ca.   Jobs with Los Angeles Unified School District for Police Communications,Safety Officers, School Traffic Safety Coordinator   Los Angeles Unified School District Jobs   Federal Bureau of  Investigation Careers (FBI)   or  California Highway Patrol     DEA Careers (Drug Enforcement Administration, Dept of  U.S. Justice)    Central Intelligence Agency Careers  (NSA) National Security Agency Careers    (ATF)  Bureau of  Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Careers    Department of Energy Careers

Information supplied by Dan Breakman/


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