Second Language

Second Language

Many employers are now seeking applicants that speak several different languages across the board. With international business and travel, more human resource professionals want employees that speak a variety of languages.  During this new type of economy and challenging  global marketplace, employers (HR professionals) are looking for working individuals that have more vast job skills then ever before. 

  As a Job applicant even applicants with advanced degrees are sharing new difficulties they encounter now.  Applicants share now they are missing windows of opportunities for employement  due to the new and different demands of employers seeking qualified applicants with ability to interpet more than one language.

We can choose a couple options looking for employment..  We can sit there and complain how the world, and the hiring situation should be..

 Or  how the economy should be rather than what it REALLY is…..!

 Or we can do something about it… (Example Rosatta Stone – learning another language)

 If we sit on this negative avenue.. we not only disempower ourselfs and others around us.  No one wants to hire a NEGATIVE person… or be around one complaining…

What we should do, is take this opportunity, empower our self.   Such as learning another language… instead of being a VICTIM of change in the world, become an asset… Its our choice as individuals.  Embrace the change and challenges of life or sit back and own the negativity, its our own personal choice.

Been cases people in 90’s got their college education… and completed it… shortly after passing on!  Mission was completed and they embraced it.. it is your personal choice… as a jobseeker.  Do you want to hang around movers and shakers or complainers…?  The final choice is yours….

Dan Breakman

Events Coordinator/People Between Jobs

formally Account Executive II/County of Ventura/Human Services Agency/Work Force Investment Board/Business Employment Services Department working as a Job Developer, Trainer with variety of individuals from Vets, Felons, Disabled, Low Income, High Income, Young, old applicants… across the board…


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