Free Legal Advice, Ventura

Posted May 10th, 2011

Ventura County Attorney Referral Service

Free Service only pay nominal fee around $35  for administration fees..

805.650.7599  VENTURA COUNTY

For only $35 admin fee can schedule with a experienced Lawyer for 30 minute consultation.

Attorney Referral Service-

 Ventura County State Bar of California

Ventura County Bar Association – Attorney Referral Service  1st visit only $35.00 processing fee for ½ hour consultation with an experienced Lawyer registered with the State Bar of California.
On Line Referral Request Form
*Certified by State Bar of California Certified #059
Service in Ventura County
* Intake Staff determines your area of Legal need and
refers you to an attorney in the area of practice area
* The Lawyers are active members in good standing with the State Bar of California
* Lawyers must meet minimum requirements
* Lawyers must carry Mal Practice Insurance
* Have over 97 Lawyers available with more than 20 yrs experience
* Intake staff will assist you with your concerns
1. Referral process cap call: 805-650-7599 complete on line request form
2. Intake staff will review your legal problem determine what type of attorney or service you need
3. Intake will schedule 1/2 hour with an attorney
4. Intake gives no legal advice
5. Admin fee $35.00 for paperwork
6.  Please keep your scheduled appointment


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