In 2003 Arbor joined with ResCare, Inc., the nation’s largest human services company. Our association with ResCare has expanded our technical, fiscal, and human resource capabilities, allowing us to more fully serve local communities throughout the nation’s workforce development system.

Why We’re Unique

Arbor combines the strengths of a large company with sensitivity to the unique needs of each community in which we operate.

  • Workforce development is our core business.
  • Our management and financial systems demonstrate the highest standards of integrity. In 40 years of operation, our programs have never had a serious audit finding or disallowed cost.
  • Our professional staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in workforce development and includes many of the top practitioners in the field.
  • We are known for our innovative “signature products” which we will customize to meet specific local needs.
  • We apply the principles of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and total quality management to our own operations and to every project we undertake.
  • We are committed to building successful partnerships—both formal and informal—with local groups in the communities we serve. These partnerships enable us to provide an enhanced range of services for our customers.
  • As an outside, nationally experienced organization, Arbor often serves as a neutral broker among the various training and service delivery agencies in a local labor market. Free from local conflicts of interest, Arbor can bring a fresh, success-focused approach to a community’s workforce program operations.
  • We actively support the professional development of the nation’s workforce development system through the Arbor Workforce Institute.
  • Workforce Services
  • Responding to Business and Worker Needs through Comprehensive Workforce ServicesResCare’s Arbor Education & Training is the leading provider of One-Stop services in the United States, offering all services outlined under the
  • Proprietary Curricula
    [ download ]
  • Workforce Investment Act. Our focus is on preparing workers for high-growth, high-demand industries in order toenhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation. Our impact is far-reaching, as we operate in over 100 One-Stop Career Centers throughout the country.
  • We are Innovative.  Our service delivery models are designed to meet Workforce Investment Act (WIA) performance measures and are customized in response to state and local workforce board requests and requirements. We have creative minds at work in the Arbor organization and a “can-do” culture. We are never at a loss for a solution, no matter what the challenge may be.

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