Do Resumes sell?

8  Key Reasons to Avoid Sending your Resume by Gregory S. Wood


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TheHireRoad, LLC. was founded in 2002 by Gregory S. Wood, a Certified Career Management Professional who has counseled hundreds of professionals in transition, in both one-on-one and outplacement environments. Recognizing how frustrating and ineffective the traditional system of finding employment can be, Mr. Wood developed a unique program that teaches an entirely new approach to the challenges of job search. The success of this program led to his vision of trying to reach as many job seekers as possible, enabling them to attend his seminar in the privacy of their own home.

 (Sending Resume – No No..)

1. Resumes End Up in Human Resources – The odds are your resume will get viewed for no more than 15-30 seconds, at best, by someone in personnel…not by the hiring manager.  HR (Human Resources) does not make the hiring decision, unless you’re applying for a position in the personnel department.  Do you want personnel deciding if you”re valuable enough to put in front of the hiring manager for an interview, or do you want the hiring manager making that decision?

2. Resumes Are Used to Screen You Out. The whole selection process starts with rejection (lack of key words and/or phrases, job history, gaps in employment, affiliations, education, location, etc.)

3.  Resumes Are Old News – Resumes do not sell.  They’re nothing more than a track record of employment, listing what you’ve done for someone else in the past.

4.  Resumes Do Not Differentiate You – All resumes look the same.  No matter how professional it looks, no matter how impressive your experience is, how amazing your accomplishments are, or how stunning your education is, a resume is a resume, is a resume, etc.  Your resume looks like eveyone else’s resume; therefore you look like everyone else (clone).

5.  Resumes  Pigeonhole You – Your employment history clearly categorizes your experience.  If you’re trying to change industries or careers, good luck! (People in transition now are wanting to change their career path. Dan Breakman/

6.  Resumes Are Biased –  The resume represents just one side of you, the candidate.  It’s an exercise in creative writing. Embellishments are expected.  (Remember do not lie on the resume. Number one lie on the resume – Education).  Employers now more than ever are conducting extensive background checks.  It will come up later, which means you will loose your job and damage your reputation.  Plus it won’t empower you to succeed.  It’s a hurdle for both you and the hiring manager.

7.  Resumes Are Not Value Propositions – Resumes are merely a validation of what you’ve done in the past; they don’t represent what you can do for a prospective employer moving forward.

8.  Resumes Have a 90% + Rejection Rate. Some may result in a standard form letter of rejection, but most are simply tossed.

Article by Gregory S. Wood  President-The Hire Road, LLC. 949-425-9281 or 1-800-247-4942.30262,Crown Valley Parkway, Suite B458, Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677

 *So if you do not send a Resume to Human Resources, what do you send? And to who?


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