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Posted Feb 2012  

Latest Updates…

People Between Jobs Ministry…   will have another Monthly Meeting on Feb 21st 2012  Monday night  at 7pm at the Beautiful “Shepherd of the Hills Fellowship” Suite 202, located at 19700 Rinaldi St., Porter Ranch, California 91326. Free Service. non-profit open to anyone PLEASE NOTE  PEOPLE BETWEEN JOBS, SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS , IS FOR LOS ANGELES COUNTY  




  2nd Tuesday’s of the month,  12:00 p.m.  Noon Time   Free Parking

 across from Best Buy stores,
 next to Mens Warehouse
 between Topanga Cyn and Canoga Ave.
   Zen Buffet
                             21610 Victory Boulevard (near Topanga Canyon Blvd.)
Woodland Hills, CA  91367
                             (818) 887-2688 Lunch:  $11
(payable at counter  All you can eat!)
or skip lunch
 walk past counter
 turn right observe Guest Speaker for FREE,
 Free parking save $$$



Los Angeles, CAChapter 

This networking group is sponsored by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. and designed for executives from all disciplines.  Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month at Zen Buffet in Woodland Hills.
A wide range of speakers will be available talking on current topics for those interested in enriching their careers, forming new contacts, those in transition, etc.
               Next Meeting Tuesday Feb 12th?

Location:  Zen Buffet
                             21610 Victory Boulevard (near Topanga Canyon Blvd.)
Woodland Hills, CA  91367
                             (818) 887-2688

Lunch:   $11 (payable to restaurant). No need to RSVP.           

 *Finances tight $$$  walk in past front counter, make right turn go into meeting room for free…. free parking…

Dress:                   Casual

Parking:                Free

We look forward to seeing you!

Pete Tzavalas, Vice President


Dick Kaumeyer, Facilitator


Challenger Networking Group

Upcoming Speaker Schedule 

*Events* go to website for current monthly menu…

Food Stamps, Food Bank, Food Assistance, Food Program
Local Food Program, Local Food Banks, Food Assistance

Call us at: (866) 712-0925
 2011 Menus

Each of our boxes brings savings and quality food catered to the needs of families.

The Treasure Box (Monthly Menu)-$32 provides local familiesand individuals with a great tool to assist in stretching monthly food budgets – a pre-assembled box of popular and nutritious grocery food items that can be purchased for only $32.

This box typically contains 20-25 pounds of high quality, frozen foods including chicken, pork, beefor seafood, in addition to vegetables, fruit, a side dish and a dessert. A family of four can eat these delicious foods for nearly a week, while an individual dine on these fares for nearly a month!

The Hearty Protein Box- $32- Typically 12-15 pounds of protein items that is great as a suppliment to the monthly Treasure Box or by itself.

Quick & Healthy Meal Box “A”-$32 contains 10 individually packaged 3 compartment meals.  Each meal provides 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements and includes the nutritional equivalent of 3 oz of meat/protein and either two ½ cup vegetable servingsor one vegetable and one fruit serving.  Low in fat and cholesterol and ready to eat in minutes.  These meals are especially good for senior citizens, those with dietary restrictions, and anyone who is looking for a healthier choice.  View Nutritional Information and Ingredients

Kids Box- $32 Contains Kid friendly, quick & easy to prepare meals and snacks for kids and kids-at-heart. Designed for convenience; perfect for busy parents when time is of the essence.   

Simply Enough-$24A smaller box with the just the essentials at a lower price to fit any budget. Perfect for individuals, couples, seniors or those whose needs are smaller. 

Click on the appropriate menu to see larger version and to be able to print Example last Month’s selection
Website ( www.peoplebetweenjobs.wordpress.com ) (over 100 documents of jobseeker docs &   www.theshepherd.thejobconnection.org  (Connect to jobs and employers, Free to sign up today  )
Stewart Townson/Founder   stewarttownson@msn.com

 Jose Arevalo /Lead Coordinator jlapolo@yahoo.com

Richard Courson/ Special Events/Projects  richardcourson@gmail.com

Francisco Gomez/ Volunteer/ Special Events  franciscoh.gomez@gmail.com

Dan Breakman / volunteer  … reach at matichpeter56@gmail.com

   http://www.theshepherd.thejobconnection.org/  (Website connects to Employers in the community…Free to Jobseekers & Employers)

  Advice, counsel, support, resources on lodgings, food, medical, dental, and eyecare..  Stewart Townson 
Stewart Townson/Founder   stewarttownson@msn.com * Stewart’s background is CFO (Chief Financial Officer in local and international markets) . 661-755-4390 .Stewart Townson-Founder of the ClubVolunteer,Trainer,Counselor,mentor. 

 People Between Jobs  is a Free Service/Non-Profit/Open to anyone!  

 Lead Coordinator Jose  distributor of Events. Jose Arevalo/Volunteer/Lead Coordinator Jose has background in Accounting. If you are looking for someone very dependable, high integrity for your organization

     Jose Arevalo is the Lead Coordinator/Distribution Flyer Coordinator/Network Media Coordinator /Volunteer/ Head Coordinator of other coordinators/flyers, events and support services…

Updates    Current Photo    Dan Breakman,Volunteer,Events coordinator, Instructor, Web facilitator 

reach Dan  matichpeter56@gmail.com

*Any views or opinions presented in this bulletin are solely those of  “ People Between Jobs Club” and do not represent EDD/WORKSOURCE/ARBOR or any State,County,City or Federal Government entity.  EDD/WORKSOURCE/ARBOR will not accept any liability in respect of such communication of said bulletin therefore stated. People Between Jobs is a non-profit/free service available to anyone. 

 Stewart Townson/Founder stewarttownson@msn.com 

  Jose Arevalo/ Lead Coordinator  jlapolo@yahoo.com  

Richard Courson / Events Coordinator/Special Projects  richardcourson@ymail.com

Franciso Gomez/Volunteer/ Special Projects  reach Franciso through stewarttownson@msn.com

Dan Breakman /Volunteer  reach Dan  matichpeter56@gmail.com


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