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  2010   Blog  subject: Another resource for finding a job!
You have Myspaced for a while, linked to your in, you tried to face your book and may have recently decided to twitter your day away.  You have done it all haven’t you?  Hate to break it to you but you left out a resource that you probably never thought of.  Have you webinared?  I am going to explain a way to look for a job that will hopefully work for you and lead to that job you have been dreaming about. 

I created the term “webinared” because that is the focus of what I am about to tell you.  You need to attend webinars and this is why: you will get the name of that inside person you have been searching for.  Find organizations, groups and subjects pertinent to your field and then see if they have webinars and seminars that you can attend.  These are almost always for free. 

Sometimes they are vendors selling a product, sometimes they are informational and sometimes they are places where members can chat.  In all of these you get the names of people in your industry or areas of interest hosting the event.  Afterwards they will almost always supply an email address so you now have the name of someone you can contact. 

Typically I learn interesting tidbits or event ground shaking events and want to speak to someone about things.  Your contact is now the person to do this with.  Congratulate them on what you have learned and ask them for advise.

 NEVER NEVER ask for a job.  Ask about if they know people, or if they have suggestions.  Ask technical questions or their opinions or something you have concerns about.  Work them for an informational interview (or what feels right for you).  I have used this to gain an interview (and who knows if it will become a job but it opened a door I would never have found).

Good luck to everyone and keep helping each other.

Ilan Justh

Ilan is your connection (1st degree)

 Ilan Justh

IT asset manager providing ITAM solutions, cost savings, and risk reduction

Greater Los Angeles Area
Information Technology and Services


Greater Los Angeles Area


Information Technology and Services     

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January  2010

Blob Comment and job posting:

Dan, “Contract Full-time and Part-time Sales People needed Immediately in the Greater LA County Area”
The federal government passed a law called the Virginia Grame Baker (VGB) Act which was recently backed up by California bill AB1020. These laws require that all public swimming pools and spas nationally and specifically in California be upgraded to have child anti-entrapment features implemented on their drain suction systems by July 2010.
Go to this blog site for more details:” “   

By the way I thought you speaker lineup and the crowd interaction was very good and should help alot of people who attend.  Keep up the good work.

If I might ever be of help do not hesitate to ask.

 Letter of Recommendation for the blog

This one of the most informative and helpful blogs discussing potential employment sources, resume discussions and financial assistance from different agencies.
 I am a senior business analyst and channel marketing executive with highly specialized technology management and hands-on expertise in defining, planning and executing information technology projects according to set deadlines within budget, scope and technical standards.
 High level of proficiency in designing and implementing ERM, CRM, Document Imaging Systems, Web, help-desk and client/server software applications. Extensive experience in mentoring the technical and project staff,  interfacing with all levels of engineering management, third-party contractors and consultants, writing strategic plans, financial models and proposals, for Healthcare, Telecom, IPTV, Broadband Video, Broadcast, Satellite, Video-on-Demand & Enterprise markets.
* For business opportunities in a consultative or a  permanent position, Steven Newstat can be reached at :
Steven Newstat
Consulting Enterprises
PHD Computer Science
Masters in Mathematics
Bachelors in Mathematics
January 2010 Blog Posting

Re: Seven Things You Must Do in An Interview

I found your article to be extremely well-written, though out, and provides excellent advise to the job seeker. I am a seasoned HR Project Manager/Recruiting Manager and believe you are right about presenting a positive impression….remembering to be well informed of the company’s profile, history, press releases, and how you would fit into the company culture.

Listening skills are also key to asking answering pointed questions, letting the interviewer take the lead, and, answering questions with well-thought out answers. Body language is also important…getting a good night’s rest, dressing appropriately, having well-written (and truthful) resume that highlights your accomplishments, and how you use your past knowledge and skills to address current issues, concerns and projects should the interviewer be given the job.

 Be positive, proactive, and, show true interest in the company. It is wise to ask the interviewer how they landed their job at the prospective company and what they like about working for the company. Often times the best candidate does not know a has all the answers, but has the right attitude and aptitude to learn the job. A “know-it-all” is a real turn off to an employer…showing you are creative, company-minded, and think on your feet to solve problems and be a team player goes a long way. After 22 years in the staffing business this advise will be helpful.


Sharon Boreham

Sharon Boreham

HR Project Manager & Recruiting Executive

Boreham Consulting Inc.

Thank you for your kind comments. How would you like to share your HR experience with our club?
Let me know. We invite guest speakers to help people in transition. Called People Between Jobs Club,
meets Shepherd of the Hills, 19700 Rinaldi St. #203, Mondays 7pm (Free service, networking, hidden job postings, support, tips, guest speakers).

Dan Breakman/Events Coordinator/People Between Jobs Club

We are looking for people to visit LA, Orange, & Inland Empire county public pool sites to check if the work has already been done by a licensed contractor and if not to pro-actively quote the work and follow up to close the deal.

 Sales Director, Doug Watkins Enterprise
+1-800-864-0420 (office phone)



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