Guerrilla Job Search Tips

Guerrilla Job Search Tips -How to Find Jobs & Get Hired Faster in a Recession

story by Kevin Donlin

In any economy, you can find a job faster by doing three simple things.

1st) Know the position you want, with absolute clarity, right down to the job title.

2nd) Know where you want to work, right down to the names of 10-20 employers.

Coffee anyone?

3rd) Use unconventional “Guerrilla” tactics to get noticed — and get hired. (One person send a travel coffee mug, her resume and cover letter via Fed Ex Ground. Her cover letter stated I would like to meet you over coffee and discuss how I can benefit the ABC Corporation. She tracked the package, waited 20 minutes and called said, you got my package!  And got an interview, which led to a job.

* Find names and phone numbers of hiring managers on Google or . Can’t get a name? Call and ask the receptionist- thats what one person did. Then she dropped the receptionists name in the cover letter by saying I spoke with __ ____ . She developed instant rapport.

* Save money on shipping by using FedEx Ground or UPS. Speed is less important than real time delivery confirmation – you want to call recipients right after they open your box.  This makes an incredible first impression. You can buy (travel coffee mugs at any store under $5).  Which leads you to getting on the Radar of the hiring manager.

Smart Calling..

* One individual called an employer that was expanding, introduced themselves, and ask for an interview. But, did the homework self.  Research the company was coming out in the area and studied who the competition was.  And explained worked for the competition in the past.

Employer tried push past, but individual said I know how the products work and I have a book of business to bring.  Which got the managers attention. Individual came through some road blocks, but then got call from the employer and got hired!

Here are three things to keep in mind as you” smart call” for interviews.

1) Tell employers specifically what you’ve done before and can do again. Do your homework and assign a dollar value to any time you’ve saved or money you earned.  Drop the name of the competitor they hate, a client they love to have, or something valuable you can bring.  How you can help?  Be specific!

2) Follow a script. It can ease your nerves to read from a piece of paper. Be sure to practice so the words can flow…smoothly.

3) The worst that can happen when you call employers is .. . they say no.  Nobody dies or goes to jail.  But you may land a job interview.  All you have to do is ask.  Chances are, you’ve never thought of sending coffe cups or “smart calling” employers.  These Guerrilla methods work, try them!

story by Kevin Donlin   SFV Edition


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