“BackGround Checks”

Background Checks -Article by Jan Maxwell

Employers are now doing extensive background checks on job applicants.  What you put on an application will almost certainly be verified and checked!  Try to get the information on a job application as accurate as possible.  If  the information is not accurate or true, it can come back and haunt you later!  

(Last week I was on my way for an examination with the City of Beverly Hills.   The newly created position resulted from a recent promotion within the department.  Over 300 applicants applied, and only 81 got invited to the written examination for one job opening.  Only 20 will get invited back to the Interview.  Sound discouraged, don’t. Dan Breakman/PeopleBetweenJobs.wordpress.com)

On two separate occassions, I ran into this new employee (Richard) who started his new job with the City of Beverly Hills.  He competed against 300 applicants.  He was not at the top of the hiring list.  He got called!   People were failing their Background checks. So the City went down the hiring list and Richard got hired.  What you put down on the application will be a direct factor later. (Dan Breakman/PeopleBetweenJobs.wordpress.com)

Finding a job in the current economic environment is challenging.  Competition is fierce and openings are few.  It’s essential that you properly prepare for a job search and that preparation includes getting ready for a background check. Companies spend over 2 billion dollars a year making sure that applicants are honest and qualified.

A thorough background check will give them that information, and over 80% of companies now use pre-employment screening to weed out the winners from the losers.  Remember: No matter how qualified you are, you won’t get hired if you don’t pass the background check.

Before you start your next job search, here are 5  important thing you need to know about background checks:

1. HIRING COMPANIES USE THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE ON YOUR APPLICATION – not the information on your resume, to run your background check.  Filling out a job application is more than simply transferring information from a resume.  In fact, a job application requires much more detailed information than is usually found on a resume. ( People tend to embellish on resumes and applications. In otherwords,  don’t lie).

How you fill out that application can determine whether or not you get the job.  Over 85% of companies say that discrepancies, unexplained gaps in employment history, or false statements on a job application can take you out of consideration.  (Companies more now than ever are looking at your Integrity, Values and Morals).  Filling out a job application correctly can be tricky.  About half of all background checks find inaccuracies in the information provided by applicants.  Make sure you have a complete list of all pertinent information before filling out any job application.  ( You can go to the Social Security office in Chatsworth, Ca., for example and get a free copy of all your past employers names and wage summaries for free. Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club).

Even though you May Check a Box on your Job Application stating that you do not want Your Current Employer Contacted many hiring companies want to be sure you are really employed, that your title is accurate, and that your salary is to exaggerated.  They simply call your current employer and say that you are applying for a loan.  The bottom line: If its not true, don’t put it on your application! ( don’t lie!)

Think your former employer can’t say bad things about you? A recent study showed that over 40% of previous employers revealed more than what was required by law.  If there’s bad news out there, you want to give your version before the hiring company hears it from someone else.  (example, someone may call your former employer and ask if they would hire the individual again. (Dan Breakman/PeopleBetweenJobs.wordpress.com).

Employer says no! Is all the response someone needs to get the message across..).

Although most hiring companies do call references they don’t always call the ones supplied by the applicantIf a former manager or co-worker holds a grudge against you, make certain that the hiring company knows that these people’s feelings might color their remarks.

Although it runs counter to many federal and state laws most companies don’t give you a chance to review and correct negative information that appears on your background report.  You may get turned down for a job because your report includes negative information about an individual whose name is similar to yours.  If you don’t see the report, you can’t correct it.  Companies simply move on to another candidate, leaving you to wonder why you didn’t get the job.  Make sure your application contains complete identification information and always ask for a copy of your background report.

It can happen, if  God opens that door…(Dan Breakman/People Between Jobs Club)

Article by Jan Maxwell How to Survive a Background Check and Get the job you really want http://www.jobhunterssecretweapon.com


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